Wealth Management Portfolio

Our Wealth Management Portfolio offers a virtually tax-free way to grow an investment. It also gives you control over when you access your money, how much tax you pay and when.

Key features

  • A wide range of assets for a truly flexible investment strategy.
  • Virtually tax-free growth.
  • Tax deferral means ability to control the timing and amount of any future tax liability.
  • Switch between assets without triggering capital gains tax liability.

You also get:

  • access to your money (take up to 5% in withdrawals yearly with no immediate tax liability – based on original invested premium and up to 20 years); and
  • a European portability option – ideal if you're considering moving to France, Italy or Spain and looking to continue to benefit from a tax-efficient product, with effective income tax deferral.
  • The value of an investment can fall as well as rise for a number of reasons, for example market and currency movements. You may get back less than originally invested.
  • All references to taxation are based on our understanding of current taxation law and practice in the United Kingdom and Ireland, which may change.

Investment choice

You can choose from a wide range of assets for a truly flexible investment strategy.

One of the key benefits of investing in our Wealth Management Portfolio is the wide range of assets you can choose from. These can include:

  • approved UK Investment Trusts;
  • authorised UK Unit Trusts;
  • open-ended Investment Companies (OEICs);
  • certain non-UK Collective Investment Schemes, acceptable under the UK personal portfolio bond tax rules; and
  • cash deposits and structured deposits.

Placing it in trust

We’ve a range of trust options to help reduce or mitigate inheritance tax bills, ensuring your money goes where it’s intended after your death or during your lifetime.

Trusts establish legal rights and entitlements and might have material financial and tax implications for the settlor, trustee and beneficiaries. Aegon Ireland isn't authorised to provide legal advice, so you should take your own legal advice before setting up a trust, to make sure that it needs your requirements. Our trusts have been drafted for use by UK domiciled individuals.

The value of any tax relief depends on your individual circumstances/the individual circumstances of the investor.