Monthly email

Our monthly email alert gives you updates on the performance of your clients guaranteed lifetime income plans - Aegon Secure Lifetime Income(Opens new window)(Opens new window) and Aegon Secure Trustee Investment with guaranteed lifetime income(Opens new window)(Opens new window). The email is designed to show the top three performing plans.

It also shows a list of your other clients’ plans, with some information of when a plan is due to reach an anniversary or if a plan has recently had an anniversary.

You can link through to our client dashboard from the email to obtain further information on your clients’ plans. The dashboard will be available from mid May 2016.

Client dashboard

Our online client dashboard allows you to view all your clients who have an Aegon Secure Lifetime Income plan(Opens new window) or Aegon Secure Trustee Investment with guaranteed lifetime income plan(Opens new window).

The dashboard is available on our online services platform(Opens new window)(Opens new window), and you can register here if you haven’t already done so.

When you access the client dashboard you’ll be able to view your clients’ plans in detail, and you’ll be able to produce a PDF report of each client - which is for adviser use only.

The dashboard displays updates such as:

  • Monthiversary increases.
  • Policy anniversary increases.
  • Deferment increases.
  • Plans approaching an anniversary.
  • Plans which have just passed an anniversary.