What do I do if my identity is stolen?

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1. Tell all of your banks and other financial institutions

  • Where possible, ask them to close any accounts that have been used fraudulently and open new ones for you in their place. 
  • Otherwise, ask them to apply additional security to all of your accounts, as fraudsters will often make multiple attempts at accessing accounts.

2. Report the incident to the police

  • This can be done by contacting Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre. Be sure to follow their instructions.
  • Their website also includes information and advice on many types of fraud and scams.

3. Take steps to prevent further incidents

  • Contact a credit rating company (such as Experian®) and ask them to flag your credit report. That way, any future transactions will have to be verified with you.
  • Use the CIFAS Protective Registration service. They in turn will flag your personal file so that when a CIFAS member company receives an application in your name, they’ll conduct extra checks to ensure the application is genuine. 

Learn more about fraud prevention

There are a number of organisations and websites dedicated to helping consumers and businesses to prevent fraud. Some useful examples are given below:

For more information have a look at: