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These terms of service apply to your use of Aegon Ireland Plc (“we”, “our”, “us”) website www.aegon.ie. We’re a public limited company incorporated in Ireland with company number 346275 and our registered office is at 2nd Floor, IFSC House, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1, D01 R2P9, Ireland. We’re authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority. Aegon is a brand name of Aegon Ireland Plc.

It’s important that you read this page as it contains essential information. By accessing and using this website, you’ll be deemed to have agreed to what is set out below. Please don’t proceed any further if you’re unwilling to accept these terms and conditions.  

1. Information, not advice

This website is for information only and is subject to change without notice. It’s not intended to offer advice and isn’t to be taken as in any way offering advice on our products and/or on the suitability of a fund. 

This website isn’t in any way an offer to sell our products and none of the information on this website constitutes an offer to contract in any country in which it’s accessed by any visitor to this website.   

We’ve taken care to ensure the accuracy and integrity of information on this website, however, any reliance on the information contained on this website is at your sole risk and you should take professional advice before acting.   

We may make changes to the information on the website at any time without updating this page to reflect those changes and neither we nor any other Aegon group company will be liable for errors, omissions or for information becoming out of date. If you’re in doubt as to the accuracy and currency of any information on this site, or if you require any further information, please contact us.

2. Leaving the website

After you leave this website (whether knowingly or not), we’re not responsible in any way for any other pages, websites or other thing that you access, and the results of accessing them. In particular, you may be going to a website whose originator isn’t authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We don’t accept any liability for your use of any third party website and resources. We’re not responsible for the security content of any non-Aegon websites which are linked to or from this website.   

3. Copyright and trademarks

Copyright in this website and any trademarks are owned by Aegon Ireland Plc or other Aegon group companies. All rights reserved.

The pages of this website may not, in whole or in part, be reproduced, copied, stored, transmitted, or used by any party except for the purpose of downloading for private, non-commercial viewing purposes or where we’ve given our prior written consent. 

You mustn’t alter anything on this website. No material from this site may be used on any other website and no links may be created to this site without our prior written consent. 

4. United Kingdom residents

This website is intended for the information and use of United Kingdom residents only.    

5. Downloading information

Please note that any downloading of software or information is done at your own risk. We don’t warrant the suitability of anything that’s downloaded and accept no liability for any problems that may arise as a result. If you’re in any doubt about downloading anything, we recommend that you take specialist advice before downloading.

6. Email

We don’t guarantee that any email sent to us will be received, or that the contents will remain private during transmission. If you’re concerned about this, then please consider other means of communication. You’ll be responsible for ensuring that any electronic message or information you send to us is free from any virus or defect that may harm our systems in any way.

7. Website availability

We don’t guarantee that this website will be available at all times. Further, this website may be withdrawn temporarily or permanently at any time and without notice. We won’t be liable in any way if this website is unavailable or withdrawn.

8. Liability

We won’t be liable nor any of our contractors for any loss or damage howsoever arising as a result of use of or reliance upon information contained in this website.  

We’ve taken care concerning the accuracy and integrity of what’s on this website. However, we won’t be liable in any way for any errors and/or omissions concerning what is on, or is omitted from, this website. 

We won’t be liable in any way for the results of any unauthorised access to this website. Or any unauthorised alteration to this website.

We don’t guarantee that the use of this website is free of viruses or technical defects of any description, and we won’t be responsible for any technical problems that may arise from your use of this website. 

9. Applicable Law

The terms of, and use of, this website shall be governed by the law of Ireland and by accessing and using this pages you accept that the laws of Ireland as the law governing the conduct and operation of this website and the jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.

10. Data Protection

Our use of your personal information is governed by applicable data protection legislation and our Privacy and cookies notice. Please read the Privacy and cookies notice carefully – it deals with your rights and our obligations in relation to your personal data, including what we can do with it, to whom we may disclose it, together with your rights under data protection law.