How much income can an investor get from Secure Retirement Income (SRI)?

To calculate the amount of guaranteed income payments you’ll receive, we multiply your income base with the relevant age-related income percentage, corresponding to the age at which you start taking your guaranteed income. We calculate and set our age-related income percentages to achieve the best balance for you between guarantee benefits and costs.

Your income rate is based on the age at which you start taking guaranteed income payments from your Secure Retirement Income investment. If you start taking an income at age 65, your income rate is set at the rate applicable to age 65 – it doesn’t increase to the next rate when you turn 66.

Our leaflet What is Secure Retirement Income? details our current income rates. If you already have a Secure Retirement Income investment the terms that apply to those may be different from those shown in the leaflet. You can check the terms that apply to your Secure Retirement Income investment(s) by checking your Confirmation of Secure Retirement Income investment statement(s). You'd have been sent this by mail when you originally invested in Secure Retirement Income and it’s also available in your document library.