I take part in motor sports - what kind of rating can I expect?

We’d need to know what kind of events they take part in (for example rallying, karting, drag racing), the size of the engine of the vehicle used and whether they’re professional or amateur.

We could then give an indication of loadings which could be between standard rates and £20 per mille*. £20 per mille would only apply to professional Formula 1, cart or indy car drivers. Most amateurs in lower risk circumstances are acceptable at standard rates for life cover.

Our questionnaire(Opens new window) can help you collect all of this information.

*Per mille ratings mean £1 for each thousand pound sum assured a year.

Case study

Applicant applied for life insurance and disclosed on application that they participated in motor cycle racing at national level. Further disclosure on the application form and/or motor sports questionnaire confirmed that the applicant did circuit racing only, on a motorbike with an engine capacity of 600cc. They competed in six events each year at national level and were an amateur racer.

Our final decision was to accept with an extra £2 per mille for life insurance.