I have diabetes - would you offer cover? If so, what kind of rating can I expect?

We can look to offer life cover if you have diabetes. In some circumstances, we may also be able to offer critical illness cover to those with type 2 diabetes. Please contact our pre-submission underwriting helpline on 03457 83 54 73.

Case study

50 year old female applied for life insurance and disclosed on her application form that she was diagnosed with diabetes. After referral to underwriting we requested a targeted diabetic questionnaire from the client’s GP. We don't request a full general practitioner’s report for this condition.

The questionnaire revealed that 15 years ago the client had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and had maintained good control of her condition. She had no associated problems such as raised blood pressure, cholesterol or height and weight, and the client is a non-smoker.

Our final decision was to accept with an extra +75% for life insurance.