Why do you have three different prices for single charge, bid/offer and stakeholder products?

Because different fund charging applies to each. On 1 January 2001, our funds changed from bid/offer pricing to single pricing. Our ‘bid/offer priced funds’ are those taken out before 1 January 2001 and show different prices for buying (offer) and selling (bid) units. Bid/offer prices may apply to your clients, even if they joined a scheme after 2001, if the scheme itself was set up before 2001.

‘Single priced funds’ apply to pension schemes or plans taken out after 1 January 2001 and show one price for both buying and selling units.

When Stakeholder legislation was introduced on 6th April in 2001, we launched a new pricing series for these taking the price cap into account. These are also single priced, with one price for both buying and selling units.

Investors can find out which pricing basis applies to them by asking their adviser, or by looking at their policy conditions and any subsequent endorsements or by calling our helpdesk on 03456 10 00 10.