Workday - Privacy Notice 

This Privacy Notice explains how the personal data of the employees of, and applicants for employment by Aegon Ireland plc, based at 2nd Floor, IFSC House, Custom House Quay, Dublin, D01 R2P9 is collected, managed and used in Aegon’s HR platform Workday. From this point on, we’ll talk about "Aegon", "we" and "us". 

This Privacy Notice may be changed over time. Check back from time-to-time to see what’s new. The last change was on 16 July 2015. You can save or print this Privacy Notice.

1 When does this Privacy Notice apply? 

It applies when Aegon processes the personal data of you as an Aegon employee or applicant using the platform of Workday Inc. (Workday). Aegon processes personal data of full-time employees, part-time employees, former employees without access (terminated non-retiree) and applicants for employment. Your personal data is stored at the secure premises of Workday in the United States. 

2 Who is responsible for the data?

Aegon is responsible for processing your personal data. We’ve notified the Data Protection Commissioner that we’ll be doing this. The notification indicates what data are processed by Aegon and for what purpose, and who we’ll be sharing it with. If you’d like to see the details in the public register click here(Opens new window)

3 For what purpose do we process your personal data?

Personal data is processed by Aegon in relation to and with the purpose of managing your actual or potential employment relationship with Aegon. The Workday platform enables Aegon to undertake HR transactions in an efficient and user friendly way. Because of this we need to be able to store and process (personal) data about your actual or potential employment using Workday. Your personal data is however encrypted and therefore only visible by Workday in highly exceptional cases and only after having obtained approval by Aegon. For new employees, Aegon may enter their details into the Workday platform before they start working here, to make sure things like systems access are ready for their first day. Also think about the following types of things that happen when you’re working at Aegon:

  • for managing your Employment relationship with us;
  • career and talent development;
  • performance evaluations;
  • training;
  • employee communications;
  • management and administration of recruiting;
  • employability, leave and other absences; and
  • compensation and benefits (including pensions).

If you’re someone who likes detail, here are a few more examples in relation to the purposes

Scheduling work, recording time, managing company and employees (e.g. career management and performance evaluations), provision of central processing facilities for efficiency purposes (e.g. travel and employee communications), conducting audits and investigations, implementing business controls, managing and using employee directories (e.g. number of employees, company profile), archive and insurance purposes, support of legal and business consulting, outplacement , conducting employee surveys, managing mergers, acquisition and divestitures, and last but not least, processing of your personal data for management reporting analysis. 

And a few more purposes which relate to compliancy with laws, regulations and policies… 

We also process your personal data in relation to the protection of the interest of Aegon and its employees and customers. Think of the Pre- and In-employment screening and monitoring of employees and including the safeguarding of the security and integrity (e.g. insider dealing controls) of the financial sector, in particular detecting, preventing, investigating and combating (attempted) criminal or objectionable conduct directed against Aegon or its employees and customers. We may also process your data to ensure that any task carried out in your work comply with or are authorized by law. For example we may have to disclose your data to government institutions or supervisory authorities for the prevention of money laundering, anti-bribery and other crimes.

Finally, when you use the Workday platform, we may track how you use the system to help us make improvements, spot when there’s a technical hiccup, make it easier to use and pull out key statistics on usage.

4 Which personal data do we process for this purpose in Workday?

The personal data processed by Aegon with the support of Workday in the United States concerns the following categories of data:

(we’ve truly tried to cover everything here, but there may be a few other little things which aren’t listed):

Name; legal name; preferred name; gender; birth place; date of birth; nationality; photo; marital status; number of dependents; government IDs; other identifiers; emergency contacts; home contact information including address, email and phone numbers; work contact information including address, email, phone numbers and work web address.

And some specific data in relation to your position …. 

Benefits, compensation, equity, staffing data, job data, position data, performance, reviews and ratings, development plans, goals, talent data including calibration, experience and succession data and payroll data including bank account details.

Who has access to your data? 

The Aegon Ireland HR department, and the section manager have access to your personnel file and the data it contains. The manager will have limited access to specific information related to your role.  Aegon Global Workday HR Support in Aegon US has access to this personal data in order to provide functional support to Aegon Ireland HR. These HR departments will use your personnel file and data for the above mentioned HR purposes only.

In highly exceptional cases, Workday may have access to your unencrypted personal data to provide technical support and management support of the Workday platform to Aegon. But rest assured that Aegon has taken the required organisational and contractual measures to ensure that your personal data is only used for the purposes mentioned above. Your personal data may be accessed by other relevant Aegon departments such as finance e.g. payroll, but only to the extent necessary to fulfill their respective tasks. Personal data will not be shared with any other third parties, except when required by law.

5 How do we secure your data?

Aegon has taken adequate safeguards and all the necessary steps to ensure that your data can’t be seen or used by those it’s not intended for. Aegon has implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, damage, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access, and against all other forms of unlawful processing (including, but not limited to unnecessary collection) or further processing. 

Aegon has also implemented many contractual safeguards in its relationship with Workday to prevent unlawful processing of or access to your personal data.

6 I’ve got concerns in relation to access, removal, etc. Who should I contact?

As the Workday platform provides self-service functionalities, you can complete, correct or remove the personal data you have added to your personal file in Workday.  Please note if you remove certain types of information this may have an effect on your relationship with us.  We recommend you check with Aegon Ireland HR before doing so.

You can also ask the Aegon Ireland HR department to see all personal data and request a correction or removal of your personal data processed by Aegon at any time if the information is not accessible via the self-service functionality.