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Aegon Secure Trustee Investment

An overview

As a trustee or administrator of a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) or small self-administered scheme (SSAS), you have responsibility to act in the scheme's best interest at all times. If you can identify with the statements below, Aegon Secure Trustee Investment may be able to offer you something.

Do any of these sound like you?

work colleagues looking at documents

‘Longevity risk remains a key concern. I would be interested to find out different ways of building a steady income stream that will be there for the whole time the scheme members need it. And I don’t want to put this income stream at risk from volatile markets.’

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‘I believe now would be a good time to protect some of my members’ investment from downturns associated with volatile markets. At the same time though, I want to position the investment to potentially benefit from upturns.’

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‘I’m looking for a fixed income for a set period of time to meet loan repayments on a commercial property held as part of our scheme investment. As well as making the loan repayments, I’d like to build in the potential for an additional lump sum payment at the end of the income period.’

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‘If I decide to take up a new way of investing scheme assets, it’s important I can align that investment with a death benefit guarantee. I know my members want reassurance from knowing their loved ones don’t miss out if they die.’


What does Aegon Secure Trustee Investment offer?

Guaranteed lifetime income option
  • The option to build an income stream into your scheme until the last person covered by the plan dies
  • Potential for your members' income level to increase through our unique monthiversary feature if markets go up
  • Increases to your members' income base for every year they invest but not yet taking their guaranteed lifetime income – this will be either 3.25% of the original premium, proportionately reduced for any additional withdrawals, or the monthiversary value, whichever is higher
  • The option of a guaranteed death benefit of either the highest recorded fund value (locked-in through our monthiversary feature) less any guaranteed lifetime income payments received, or 100.1% of the plan’s fund value – whichever’s higher
Guaranteed capital option
  • The option of a capital guarantee in that the fund value will be at least equal to 100% of your original premium at the end of the chosen guaranteed capital term – even if markets fall – as long as there's not been any withdrawals
  • Guaranteed capital terms of 10 through to 20 years
  • The opportunity to increase the capital if markets go up through our capital escalator feature
  • The option to choose a guaranteed death benefit to pay the higher of the capital guarantee value, or 100.1% of the plan’s fund value if the last life assured dies within your chosen guaranteed capital term
Guaranteed income option
  • The option of an income of 5% of the original premium for at least 20 years – or longer if less than 5% guaranteed income is taken each year
  • Access to your money just in case - your money isn't locked away but taking additional withdrawals will proportionately reduce the guarantees
  • The opportunity to benefit from any potential market rises through our unique monthiversary feature – providing a lump sum guaranteed benefit at the end of the plan’s term
  • The option of a guaranteed death benefit of either the highest recorded fund value (locked-in through our monthiversary feature) less any guaranteed income payments received, or 100.1% of the plan's fund value – whichever’s higher

Aegon Secure Trustee Investment could be suitable if you:

  • are the trustee(s) of a SIPP or SSAS and would like to invest pension money into a trustee investment plan
  • have at between £20,000 and £1 million to invest
  • would like a guaranteed income for the life of the life assured from age 55 of the younger life assured, with our guaranteed lifetime income option, or
  • would like to be guaranteed at least your original premium back after a set period, with our guaranteed capital option, or
  • would like a guaranteed 5% income for 20 years with our guaranteed income option

Aegon Secure Trustee Investment may not be suitable if:

  • your members don’t meet the eligibility criteria for the plan
  • the guarantees on offer don’t appeal to your members
  • you’re not prepared to pay a bit extra for the guarantees

To find out more about Aegon Secure Trustee Investment and the features it offers, read our brochure A range of guarantee options for pension money.

Investment choice

You can choose from our range of Managed Risk Portfolios, Core Portfolios or UK Cash fund.

The Managed Risk Portfolios invest in a mix of fixed interest, equities and sometimes cash in order to manage risk levels within the fund. Our Core Portfolios are a mix of fixed interest and equities with a target fixed interest/equity allocation.

Our leaflet Your investment choice gives you more detailed information on the funds available.


Our Product charges leaflet shows the various charges that apply to our Aegon Secure Trustee Investment plan.

Important information about the guarantees we offer

  • Aegon Secure Trustee Investment offers a choice of guarantees. These guarantees are promises that we’re making to say that this product will deliver you certain benefits.
  • Any guarantees are based on the ability of the issuing insurance company – in this case Aegon Ireland plc – to pay them. If, for example, that company no longer existed, then the guarantees it provides would be affected.
  • It does cost a bit extra for guarantees. It’s much like paying for the things your members insure on a day-to-day basis. The cost of the guarantees depends on the guarantee(s) you choose and the fund(s) you invest in. You can find details of this above or your financial adviser will be able to tell you how much this will be before you set up your plan.
  • If you take out an Aegon Secure Trustee Investment plan and decide to cash-in your plan, then the guarantees will no longer apply. We don’t offer a guaranteed fund value so you could get back less than your original premium. If you select the guaranteed capital option, your fund value is only guaranteed at the end of the gauranteed capital term and on this date only.
  • Aegon Ireland runs a sophisticated, prudent programme that aims to allow us to honour the guarantees we make you. Your financial adviser will be able to give you information on how we do this.


Next steps

Contact your financial adviser for a copy of our support literature and to arrange for a personal illustration.

If you don’t have a financial adviser, our find an adviser service can help you find one in your area.

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